Seenin provides stylish clothing for children and adults with special needs. Our zip back all in one sleepsuits  - which keep clothes on and hands out of nappies - and seam free socks are particularly suitable for those with autism and sensory issues. Our specialist product range also includes comfortable aprons, bibs and kerchiefs, changing mats and much more. See our website for our full adaptive clothing range.


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My Mood Stars enable children to immerse themselves in imaginative play, either by themselves or with others and offer a fun opportunity for children to talk about how they are feeling. Use the My Mood Stars and their My Mood Stars board to set the scene for endless stories and games to be made:

With Shy Star, Sad Star, Cross Star, Happy Star, Sleepy Star, Surprised Star, Scared Star and
Silly Star! (Of course you can make up your own names for the stars to coincide with the
vocabulary that you use in your home.)

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My Mood Stars